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Grieving Kids & Teens


Shift FAQ

Check out these answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

When did the ministry start?

Shift began at Watermark Community Church in 2014.

What's the meaning behind the name?

We wanted the name to portray the change, or “shift”, experienced by a child after loss. Imagine for a moment an earthquake. After the dust has settled, everything once known has shifted. The same is also true for anyone who is walking through grief. Teens will often be embarrassed to admit they are attending a grief recovery program. The name “Shift” fixes this problem.

Who is Shift for?

Shift is for children and teens, grades 3-12, who have experienced loss.

What does a typical week at Shift look like?

Every week looks different. Our hope is to never bore any of the kids when they walk through the door. Part of that is giving them the unexpected. What they can expect is small group discussion. Other than that, all bets are off the table.

What if a child lost someone close to them years ago?

Shift would still welcome them to come join.


Do participants need to have a relationship with Jesus before attending?
No. Shift is designed to welcome all faith backgrounds.

Can children come in to the Shift program at any time?
It is typically recommended that groups close their roster after the third week. Beyond this time it becomes harder to facilitate trust and vulnerability in the small groups. The more time spent in small group and dedicated to the process, the more beneficial it will be to both parents and children.

Are small groups generally divided between girls and boys?
Yes. Groups are divided by age range and gender.

What happens after week 13?
In most cases, lasting relationships between kids and leaders develop. Occasionally, parents and kids will see the benefit in repeating the process a second time.

Who make up the small group leaders?
Shift leaders include followers of Christ who have experienced the loss of a loved one. They must enjoy working with kids and be good listeners.

What type of leader resources are available?
Each week there is a leader lesson accessible online. These include sample schedules, ice breakers, lessons, and other activities. Art activity instructions are also available. Leader training audio recordings will be available online soon.

What is the typical format for Shift?
The schedule varies each week. Generally, there is large group with age appropriate activities. Then there is small group discussion of the weekly curriculum.

How do I start Shift at my church?
Get in contact with us below for more information.

Where can my church recieve training?
The Shift team at Watermark Community Church will typically conduct a training mid-summer of each year. Get in contact with us below for more information.

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