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Episode 70 - 18 May 2020

Managing Stress During COVID-19

The Church Leadership Podcast is BACK! John and Adam return to the studio to discuss managing stress during COVID-19. In this unprecedented season, it is more important than ever for leaders to understand how stress is affecting them and combat it with truth. For show notes -->

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Episode Summary

Five Thoughts on Managing the Stress of Covid-19

1. Don’t doubt your call to ministry.

This is not the time to begin doubting what the Lord is calling you to. In high stress seasons, it is best to avoid making large life decisions like deciding to move or quitting your job. Allow things to settle first. Be prayerful and loop trusted community in on your thought process. In a few months, chances are, you will have a better perspective on your scenario.

2. Don’t give up working hard to reconcile conflict.

It likely doesn't come as a surprise, but conflict is still happening. For many of us, this stress has us saying "I'm sorry for who I was during COVID." If you find that frustration and resentment are building towards another person, don't let it fester and grow. Ask for forgiveness, express your concerns, and attempt to reconcile. Passages like Matthew 5 and Matthew 8 are still helpful. They show us how to biblically resolve conflict. Remember that 1 Timothy 1:15 is still true of everyone and we must all realize how sinful we can be. Let us make every effort to be at peace with one another (Romans 14:19).

Historically, we've seen the church grow and strengthen during times of crisis. Thus, the enemy wants nothing more than to sow discord among the saints. The best thing you can do right now is to deal with conflict and come alongside one another in unity.

3. Don't forget to give people what you also want: grace.

We all must be willing to give a lot of grace during times of high stress. Understand that many of our frustrations are simply with our immediate circumstance. Most of your problems today will likely not matter much tomorrow. If you find yourself having small grievances or annoyances with others, consider filing those things away for a few months from now when you can better address them with grace. Chances are, you will forget them entirely.

How do you know if you should overlook an offense and give someone grace? A great rule is to see if, given a day, you are still thinking about it. If you are, then you should go reconcile with that person. If you forget about it, then it is already overlooked.

4. Don’t sweat about failed attempts to innovate.

This is a time to be active and try new things. That being said, we shouldn't beat ourselves up for failing. Failing is one of the best ways for us to learn and grow. As you attempt to innovate, simply celebrate that you tried.

5. Don't waste this moment

The stress we are experiencing can can be a gift. This stress exposes the gaps in our lives and highlights the things about us that we typically try to cover up. Take note of what stress is showing you about yourself and commit to working on those things.

Remember that today you are becoming the leader that will show up in the next crisis. Don't waste this moment.

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John McGee

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Adam Tarnow

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