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I am an administrator. How do I add ministry leaders?

I am an administrator. How do I add ministry leaders?

There are 2 options for adding ministry leaders:
1. You, as the Church Administrator, can add ministry leaders yourself.
2. Your leaders can register for ministry leader access themselves.

Church Administrators adding Ministry Leaders:

  1. Click "Sign In" at the upper right corner of
  2. Type your login ID and password (If you don’t have a login ID, contact the ministry leader at your church or email
  3. Use the “More” button in the top right corner to open the side bar menu and select “Church Profile”.
  4. Click the “Team” link near the middle of the page.

From there, you have 3 options to add members:
- Select the “Add Member” button and fill in leader information.
- Click “Add Multiple Members from Spreadsheet” and follow the instructions. You can either add leaders by inserting their email addresses or by uploading a spreadsheet.
- Click “Create a Link to Add Multiple Members” and select the link expiration date and role of those you are adding. You can send this link for members to sign up and create a profile.

To check on the status of invitations, go to your Church Profile’s “Team” and locate your recipient’s name. If you see "Pending Invitation", the recipient has not yet completed the sign-up process.

Leaders registering for Ministry Leader access themselves:

This works for all ministries except re:generation for Students, which needs to use the process above:
1. Select the "Ministries" tab at the top of the page and select the ministry for which you would like access.
2. Click the “Leader Resources” link in the center of the page.
3. Search for your church and when prompted fill in your information.
4. Confirm your access through the verification email.

If your leaders are experiencing a problem registering, please email us at