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Episode 47 - 22 Jul 2019

5 Reasons Nobody Is Listening To You

Adam and John discuss some of the most common mistakes communicators make. This podcast will give you practical advice on improving your communication. Also, be sure to check out Adam's Seven Days to Better Communication at Show notes -->

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Episode Summary

Mistakes Communicators Make

In this episode, Adam and John discuss some of the most common mistakes communicators make. Communication is hard work and we all inevitably make mistakes. However, too often, a lack of preparation, or a temptation to imitate someone else gets in the way of effective communication. Together, Adam and John help you consider what to change. This week, the podcast also functions as a supplement to the Seven Days to Better Communication, a daily, step-by-step guide to improve as a communicator.

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Over the last twenty years, Adam has spoken over 500 times in churches and businesses. Throughout this time, he has become an expert in audience engagement. He has developed an approach to one-to-many communication that is simple and easy to repeat regardless of the audience size, intended goal, teaching style, or denominational heritage. For a deeper look into this approach, check out the Seven Days to Better Communication. After these seven days, you will be able to:

  • Identify Your Biggest Enemy
  • Learn To Engage Any Audience
  • Develop Your Skills
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Impact Your Audience

Additionally, if you find this podcast or the Seven Days to Better Communication to be helpful, consider attending the Communicators Workshop in Dallas on November 5th and 6th. Regardless of whether you are a new communicator, a seasoned pro, or somewhere in-between, this day and a half workshop will improve your ability to engage with any audience and provide practical ways to improve your communication.

Learn more about the Communicators Workshop here.

Hosted By
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John McGee

Sr. Director of Watermark Resources

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Adam Tarnow

Cohost of Church Leadership Podcast