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Episode 83 - 24 Feb 2021

Gospel-Informed Leadership (ft. Paul David Tripp)

On this special episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, John is joined for the first time by an outside guest: Dr. Paul David Tripp. Together, they discuss Paul's new book Lead: 12 Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church and what it means to truly have a gospel community. We assure you that listening will leave you both encouraged and convicted. Show notes and more at

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Episode Summary


Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, speaker, and best-selling author of the everyday devotional New Morning Mercies and Lead:12 Gospel Principles for Leadership in the Church. He has been married for 50 years to his wife, Luella, and they have four adult children. This episode of the Church Leadership Podcast was an incredible gift to us, and one we are so excited to share with you. Please enjoy these insights from Paul. We hope it spurs you on to more faithful and joyous leadership in God's church.

Episode Highlights:
  • "Leadership is never individual. Your ministry and walk with God is a community project."
  • "Ministry fruitfulness is the result of longevity. The key to longevity is spiritual health. The key to spiritual health is gospel community."
  • "Remember that fruit won't come overnight. Most often, change is a process and not an event."
  • "The gospel should be our model for leadership."
  • "As long as sin lives inside of us, there will be pockets of spiritual blindness in our lives."
  • "What is a gospel community? A gospel community is when we are surrounded by believers who believe in the power of transforming grace. There hope is not that we can whip each other into shape, but that we can point to the source of true godliness: Jesus."
  • "Every leader should remind themselves they are in unending need of God's grace, in constant need of help, and also in need of a humility to receive that help when it comes."
  • "Truth that is not spoken in love, ceases to be the truth."
  • "If I am confronted by the Holy Spirit and led to confess, that is the Savior wrapping His arms around me and drawing me near. It is a beautiful thing."
  • "If you feel the weight of your sin, you are being visited by glorious grace."
  • "Enough of shame that puts us in hiding. Jesus shamed shame on the cross."
  • "The beauty of the gospel is that there is nothing that would ever be revealed, known, or exposed about us that hasn’t been covered by the blood of Jesus."
  • "We should want great things for the gospel and want to achieve great things for the Kingdom of God. However, we cannot allow achievement to become our core value or become more important than character."
  • "The body only goes where the heart has already gone. If you lose the battle for your heart, you will lose the battle with your body."
  • "We need tender men and tender women in leadership."
  • "The cross shows us that Jesus is in the business of taking the worst things ever and transforming them into the best things ever."
  • "How do you establish a gospel community? The most influential leader in that community needs to model it. They need to see his moments of confession - model transparency, model authenticity."
  • "Grace is never permissive. Grace never calls wrong right. If wrong were right, there would be no need for grace."

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