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Episode 99 - 11 Jan 2022

Things You Would Miss If You Didn’t Lead

On this mini-episode of the Church Leadership Podcast, John McGee shares an important reminder for everyone in leadership. We pray that you will be encouraged to continue faithfully serving wherever you are at. For show notes and more, visit:

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Episode Summary

In moments of stress or busyness we often fixate on the difficulties of leadership and forget about all of the incredible reasons why God called us to leadership in the first place. That is why it is important to take time remind ourselves all the things we would miss if we didn’t lead.

Mark 10 tells us that true greatness comes from serving others. Leadership and service, even when hard or we feel exhausted, can be a blessing to us and an encouragement to others. When you want to throw in the towel, remember that God has you where you are for a reason and that every minute of leadership is a privilege.

From us at the Church Leadership Podcast, thank you for all you do.

Hosted By
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John McGee

Sr. Director of Watermark Resources

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Adam Tarnow

Cohost of Church Leadership Podcast