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Young Adults

The Porch Live

The Porch Live FAQ

Check out these answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

When did The Porch start?

The Porch was started by Watermark Community Church in 2005, and has grown to be a weekly Tuesday evening gathering of 4,000+ young adults in the DFW metroplex. Multiple partner churches now stream The Porch Live at their campuses across the U.S., and people from all around the world tune in to weekly messages and podcasts.

What's the meaning behind the name?

The porch used to be a place where people would gather, hang out together, and get to know each other. It was a place to look out into the neighborhood. It was an entry way into the home. We hope that The Porch gives Young Adults a place to do the same things. It is a place where community, authenticity, service, and faith collide.

Is The Porch a church?

No, we are just a bunch of people pursuing and learning about Christ together. The Porch is merely a front door to connecting with local churches.

How often throughout the year does The Porch Live occur?

The Porch occurs on Tuesday evenings approximately 48 weeks of the year. The Porch kicks off in mid-January, and meets weekly until early/mid-December. The only scheduled break is surrounding the holiday season. No new messages are produced or broadcasted during the break. We will communicate specific dates for our winter break when they are decided.

Can I start a Porch gathering in my city?

Absolutely! Read some more information below, and then fill out a ministry interest form. You can also get in touch with The Porch at to learn more information.


Am I welcome to stream The Porch Live unofficially or casually in my home?
Yes! All individuals or unofficial gatherings are welcome to stream The Porch Live at any time. You don’t need to go through a formal process – you can just get started without contacting us. But if a church desires to host an official, branded gathering of The Porch Live, or have access to resources and support, we ask them to follow these steps.

What if there is already a Porch gathering in my city? Can I start another one?
We do not plan to limit the number of churches streaming The Porch Live in a city or geographical area. Our heart is for The Porch Live to be a Kingdom resource that’s available to whoever wants it. We can’t guarantee exclusive access to any one church in an area.

Can we stream The Porch Live’s worship in place of live worship?
The Porch Live stream includes the entire Porch experience, both pre-message worship and the message. You are welcome to the Porch worship for your own worship gathering, but we highly recommend having local worship leaders. Your production doesn’t have to be fancy, but we believe people find it easier to engage with God if the worship leaders are in the same room.

Can I host The Porch Live on a night other than Tuesday?
The Watermark Dallas gathering of The Porch happens every Tuesday evening at 7:05 p.m. Central Time. The message will be new every Tuesday. You can tune into the Porch Live stream on Tuesdays, but you can also stream the entire service any day of the week. The live stream is programmed to repeat every day of the week at 7 p.m. Central Time. You can access that daily repeated stream in the same way that you access the Tuesday live stream.

How much does hosting The Porch Live cost?
We do not charge for the message content, which is freely distributed. The Porch is free to stream, and we do not currently charge anything to host The Porch Live. The costs you can expect to incur vary based on the resources and equipment at your disposal. You need a facility to host your gathering, the technology to stream the message, worship leaders, a way to identify your hosts / volunteers (e.g. t-shirts & name tags), and any marketing materials you choose to create (e.g. cards, handouts, signs, etc.). The Porch does not produce any curriculum that accompanies the message, so there are no workbooks to purchase. As we go forward, we will continually evaluate the best way to partner with other churches, including assessing the costs associated with resourcing and supporting Porch Live locations.

What are the steps I should take as I consider launching The Porch Live?
As you consider launching The Porch Live, we encourage you to:

  1. Prayerfully evaluate your motives. Why do you want to start streaming The Porch Live? What are you hoping to accomplish? Are you passionate about reaching young adults? What are your reasons and motives? What is God leading you to do?
  2. Get wise counsel and advice. Talk with your church’s leaders, other young adult ministry leaders, and those close to you. What do they think you should do?
  3. Identify your people and resources. Do you have the time and margin to dedicate staff hours to this? Do you have someone willing to champion the effort? Are potential leaders, volunteers, and attendees already in your midst, or are you starting from scratch? Is there anything you would have to stop doing or change to start The Porch Live?

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